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car sticker ideas
Car sticker ideas
Unicorn car sticker
Unicorn car sticker
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This is a car sticker for your window in our shop. It can be sticked to your car. It will make it look much better. So get these ideas. And look at these accessories. As all these can be obtained here. So get these right on this website. Get them because they are funny. It sits on the windshield wiper.

So this is a car sticker for your car. It is the original CAR FINGER. And it is perfect as a car gift. And it is for boys and also for girls. For girls there is also the pink unicorn online. But that is not for all girls. Stick this funny car sticker to your window. As technically this is not a sticker. Because a sticker is soft. And also it would fold when you try to attach it to the windshield wiper. So this sticker is a firm acrylic glass form. And it is not a pressure sensitive adhesive. But instead it has a hook-and-loop fastener. And one part of this mechanism is attached to the windshield wiper. And with this technique you can easily put the decal on and also take it off. So any label you see on this website can be interchanged. And then your sticker is ready for decoration. And in this case also for functional purposes. As on your automobile you can wave with it. So your car can suddenly show people the finger. or it can wave. So this is not a window sticker. And also it is not for your lunchbox.


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And if you should be interested in what is the difference between a sticker and a decal you can watch this youtube video.