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Car sticker
car sticker ideas
Car sticker ideas
Unicorn car sticker
Unicorn car sticker
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This is a car sticker for your window in our shop. It can be sticked to your car. It will make it look much better. So get these ideas. And look at these accessories. As all these can be obtained here. So get these right on this website. Get them because they are funny. It sits on the windshield wiper.

So this is a car sticker for your car. It is the original CAR FINGER. And it is perfect as a car gift. And it is for boys and also for girls. For girls there is also the pink unicorn online. But that is not for all girls. Stick this funny car sticker to your window. As technically this is not a sticker. Because a sticker is soft. And also it would fold when you try to attach it to the windshield wiper. So this sticker is a firm acrylic glass form. And it is not a pressure sensitive adhesive. But instead it has a hook-and-loop fastener. And one part of this mechanism is attached to the windshield wiper. And with this technique you can easily put the decal on and also take it off. So any label you see on this website can be interchanged. And then your sticker is ready for decoration. And in this case also for functional purposes. As on your automobile you can wave with it. So your car can suddenly show people the finger. or it can wave. So this is not a window sticker. And also it is not for your lunchbox.

What are car stickers called? Well, these car stickers are called Car-Finger and then always a descriptive name, like Unicorn or Rock Hand. But what is usually meant by this question is, if there is a specific name for car stickers to describe their function. And the answer to that depends on what type of sticker we are talking about. The casual bumper stickers are actually just called stickers, while the big artwork things, like flames and lines, are often referred to as car decals. While actually a decal is not a sticker, in the modern day English language both words are often used with the same meaning. Therefore, if you are looking for these big paintings on a car you might want to look for decal.
While actually the original Carfinger, which we sell, is no sticker in the classic sense. We offer an acrylic panel, which sticks to the windshield wiper on the rear window of your car. And it is fixed on the vehicle with loop tape. So we call this acrylic panel a sticker in order to convey its function.
The application of a car decal is to decorate and make your car more unique. As the words are used with the same meaning, you can also find car decals with messages. One funny message might be: “my other car is a Porsche” or the like. a famous characteristic of a decal is to put flames on a car. In general, often they are supposed to make the car look rather powerful, as in order to make a car look unique you would rather get a window or bumper sticker.
With buying our product, you can assure that you get an original sticker for a car. Because we are the company that came up with the idea for the moving sticker. Therefore, with ordering your own, you go to great length for giving your car an individual and cool design.

Our Carfinger is a funny gadget, and it is not any kind of VIN Sticker. As, the VIN sticker is a description of your car model. Therefore, the use of those is much more technical than what we provide. While opposed to that, what you get here is a fun gimmick or a nice little gift for a driver, if you decide to make it one.

Also, the offered item is not a month sticker. Because also those month stickers serve some official reason. While our stickers just are meant to extend the features of your car. As with those, you add the ability to your car to send a gesture to the people behind you. And that gesture can be of your liking. Because you can go hardcore with the Middle Finger Sticker or just pick the friendly waving Hand. While month stickers are ordered from your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). This Department is a government agency in charge of registering motor vehicles and giving out driver licenses. Therefore, the DMV is also the place to order replacement license plates. So there you get these types of stickers for your car.

In general, you can print your own car decal. While the printing of car decals does probably not apply to the printing of government licensed stickers. But you would probably need a special type of paper or foil. As photo paper would probably wash off from the rain. There is a company called photopaperdirect in the United Kingdom, which claims that printing our own decals is possible with their paper.

There is another mandatory car sticker called Monroney label. This window sticker was made mandatory by U.S. Almer Stillwell “Mike” Monroney. The window sticker, which is required by law, contains information, such as the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, the MSRP. It serves as a protection for buyers regarding the prices of cars, as they have an indication of the manufacturer’s idea on that.

The item you can obtain in this shop is from acrylic glass, and it is a weather resistant panel. While typically, other car decals are not made of this material, but rather are made from vinyl or pet.

Can any sticker be a car sticker? Well if the product looks like it will stand the rain you can stick it to your car. Who would stop you from doing so. But the question is, if you will be able to get the sticker off of your car if necessary, as even professional car decals can be permanent and could damage the car’s paint during removal of the vinyl. There are also removable adhesive vinyl car decals, but those might not be very weather resistant. And a badly looking sticker might devalue your car. Which is no problem of course with the Carfinger, as that one just goes to the windshield wiper, which can easily be replaced.

And if you should be interested in what is the difference between a sticker and a decal you can watch this youtube video.