Middle Finger Sticker, Fuck You Sticker


Give the finger with the rear windshield wiper. High quality acrylic glass shield. Perfect as a gift for car drivers. See the other hand car stickers from this collection.



Middle finger sticker, fuck you sticker

This is our middle finger sticker or fuck you sticker. And it is for those who think of the fuck off gesture as something fun. While its inventor said: “Remember when we were young, we were like: some day I show all the world the middle finger. Well, when this sticker sells well, this could become true for one of us.” So now here it is your own personal copy of the CARFINGER middle finger sticker. While this fuck you sticker is put on a car. Because of the windshield wiper, it moves when you press the button, which enables you to flip someone who is driving behind you. Luckily, the middle finger gesture of this sticker design is not as infamous as it used to be. Therefor, the sticker might be the right idea for you to put on your windshield. So don’t tell this cool car sticker idea to fuck off, even if it is radical. Because it gives all you road-warriors out there the chance to communicate some innermost feelings. As with the fuck off sticker now you can show the rest of the traffic your attitude. And if somebody should steal your parking space. Then you know what to do. As the other road user in this case will have no problem in reading the signs. As the middle finger sticker, signal is all clear. So show some attitude with this car decal and state your opinion all clearly. And if a fellow motorist drives too close to your trunk, tell him or her what you think. Because from now on, you can let the highway know your opinion. As with this vehicle sticker idea for the windshield, you inform the street clearly. While the best idea of this sticker is, that with a push of the button, you actually flip this adhesive label. So get this sticker for your car and put in the right place on your vehicle, in order to put your vehicle in the right place on the road. And if you know somebody who loves his ride. Then maybe you found the right present for his or her birthday. While if you think only boys bought this from us, then you would be mistaken. Because we had, a lot of girls come to us with bright eyes saying: give me the “Finger”. So maybe you know a car owner who likes this kind of fun. And if you still think this is too crazy, please look at the other sticker shapes, as they’re more forms. And then get one for you or your friends. Because with this you make sure, that you get the original fun gadget for your car.


The origins of the middle finger gesture we used for the sticker

already in ancient times, citizens of Greece and Rome used the fuck off finger. While in Ancient Greece, the middle finger hand gesture was called katapygon. While, this term is put together from the word “kata” for downwards and “pygon” for “butt”. Therefor, the term katapugon also referred to somebody who takes it up the butt. While from an ancient Greek play by playwright Aristophanes we know that the hand gesture of our sticker was also called the “finger”, the “dactyl”. But did the gesture more than 2000 years ago already mean something similar to “fuck you” as the sticker does. And in answering that question, we find an interesting story about Diogenes. While we all know the philosopher Diogenes as being of the philosophical school of cynics. And of him is said, that when he saw Demosthenes talk in the marketplace, whom he regarded as a demagogue, he flipped the finger at him. While in the discourses of Epictetus, it is said that Diogenes flipped his middle finger at one of the sophists. So maybe the philosopher flipped off several people. But would Diogenes have mounted our fuck off sticker to the large jar he was sleeping in? Probably not, as he was trying to free himself from all things that are unnecessary luxury. And even though history does not tell us too much that Demosthenes was actually stirring up the people to hate, we do share the wish that demagogues fuck off. While you will not be able to signal that with the middle finger sticker unless one happens to drive behind you.

Diogenes showed the middle finger to tell Demosthenes to fuck off
Diogenes showed the middle finger to tell Demosthenes to fuck off.
Demosthenes who received the middle finger as a fuck you gesture
Demosthenes who received the middle finger as a fuck you gesture.


Fuck you evil spirits, fuck off

In the first century, the finger was used at some places as a magical symbol. So it is believed that the middle finger was actually used to avert magical curses like the evil eye. In this regard, the gesture would actually tell the evil spirits to fuck off. So there is a stone bust from Scotland showing Dionysus’ companion Silenus showing the middle finger. While it is believed, that with the resemblance of the gesture with a dick it might have been ascribed strong power of natural magic. The Romans called the gesture digitus impudicus which means “shameless finger”. And even though it is reported as being a magic gesture, yet seemingly more prominent in ancient books is the use of the finger with the same meaning we know it today, which is exactly the meaning the car sticker has. And so the sticker carries the same meaning the finger already had in the 4th century BC, which was basically “fuck off”.

silenus middle finger
A stone bust of Silenus, the friend of Dionysus showing the middle finger, is believed to be a gesture of defense against mystical spirits.

The fuck off middle finger gesture of our sticker in modern times

The fuck of gesture of our sticker is still used in modern times. In modern times, photography was invented, giving us the possibility to get the middle finger on camera. And so photographic depictions could be made of the gesture. And this brings us into modern days where we see the first photographic image of the fuck you finger. Which is a photography of 1886 where a baseball player of the new Boston Braves shows the fuck you gesture to the camera. While his intention is to show it to his opponents, the New York Giants. And because this was photographed, it became the first known photographic image of the fuck off gesture. And the player who told the rival team to fuck off was Charles Radbourne, who was called Old Hoss.

Charles Radbourne telling the rival team to fuck off with his middle finger
Charles Radbourne telling the rival team to fuck off with his middle finger.

While the photographic technique in general made it first possible to capture the image of the fuck off finger so that it could be printed on our sticker.


Famous people saying fuck you with the middle finger

Who would guess that saying fuck you with a middle finger is just a habit of lower classes, would be wrong. Instead, many politicians used the finger as a sign of dislike to people. Ronald Reagan, for example, in his job of being the Governor of California, used it to tell protesters to fuck off. While also in 1976 a vice president of the USA used the middle finger. But not only vice presidents use the ancient salute. Because even a Canadian prime Minister used it in 1982 in the City Salmon Arm, which made people call the middle finger the “Salmon Arm Salute”. And with George W. Bush also a former President of the United States showed the fuck off sign to a camera. And not only politicians use it, but also artists. So when Ricky Martin saw a picture of George W. Bush, who ordered the war in Iraq, he gave the finger right back at him.


In Canada, the middle finger used in our sticker is not a crime

A man in Canada was put in court for using the middle finger to tell another person to fuck off. And the judge wrote a remarking passage about the use of the middle finger to say fuck you:

“To be abundantly clear, it is not a crime to give someone the finger,” and, “Flipping the proverbial bird is a God-given, Charter-enshrined right that belongs to every red-blooded Canadian. It may not be civil, it may not be polite, it may not be gentlemanly. Nevertheless, it does not trigger criminal liability.”


As the sticker shows, the middle finger has reached popular culture

Our sticker is not the only use of the middle finger in popular culture. And so here is a song called Middle Finger by the band Cobra Starship. And we see here, that not only the song sings about giving the middle finger, but also the music video features several people showing the fuck you gesture which you also see on our sticker.


CARFINGER, Get the original.

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Middle Finger Sticker, Fuck you sticker

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