Car Sticker Middle Finger




This is a car sticker that is a middle finger. So it is the CAR FINGER “Finger”. And maybe you feel the need to flip off drivers in cars behind you. And then this sticker design is the right thing for you. As this car sticker is radical. And all you road warriors out there can now enter traffic with the right attitude. And if somebody steals your parking space. Then you know what to do. As the other road user can now see ao signal all clear. So put up a sign. And become a rebell with this car decal. As this states your opinion all clearly. And if a motorist drives to close to your trunk. Then tell him or her what you think. So let the highway know you opinion. As with this vehicle sticker you inform the street clearly. And the est thing: with a push of the button you actually flip this adhesive label. So get this sticker for your car. And put in n the right place on your vehicle. And if you know somebody who loves his ride. Then maybe you found the right present for his or her birthday. And if you think only boys bought this from us then you would be mistaken. As we had a lot of girls come to us with bright eyes saying: give me the “Finger”. So maybe you know a car owner who likes this kind of fun. And if you think this is to crazy please look at the other shapes. As there more forms. And then get one for you or some of your friends. And get the original fun for your car.

Fun car sticker
Fun car sticker

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Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 11 × 0,2 × 9 cm

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Car sticker and car decal - Car Finger Wiper Sticker